With a combined 20 years in the coffee industry, numerous championship titles between them and a veracious passion for sharing their wealth of knowledge, Dhan Tamang and Don Altizo are able to offer a unique training experience to their students.

Dhan Tamang

Dhan Tamang has held the UK Latte Art Champion title for 6 years consecutively, as well as a finalist in the 2016 World Latte Art Championships and is a prolific figure in the international coffee scene.

Dhan Tamang

Originally from Nepal, Dhan has spent over 10 years working in the coffee industry. From very humble beginnings drawing designs on hot chocolates with chocolate syrup to the delight of his customers; Dhan’s passion for latte art was clear to see. Gradually his curiosity developed and he started to research whether it would be possible to recreate his hot chocolate art with coffee, and YouTube came to the rescue (thanks YouTube)! Dhan invested in the necessary equipment and began to obsessively watch every single latte art tutorial that the internet had to offer.

In 2013, after many months of tireless training, Dhan entered the UK Barista Championships, and lost, BUT, he also entered the UK Latte Art Championships and WON; and WON, and WON, and WON, and WON, and WON! Yes, that’s 6 consecutive wins to date! His UK Latte Art Championship victories would prove to be the start of something truly special and the catalyst for a brand new challenge.

Dhan wanted to contribute more to the industry by sharing his wealth of coffee skills and knowledge with the public (sharing is caring as he always says); the more you share, the more the value of the coffee industry will grow. He decided that the most influential way his caring, sharing values could become a material reality would be to release a book educating people about the artistic elements of coffee. So, in 2017 with the help of the Octopus Publishing Group, Dhan released his first ever book appropriately titled “Coffee Art”.

To date Dhan has worked with some prolific companies as a consultant and brand ambassador, and has most recently even been featured on BBC2 teaching Nadia Hussain of GBBO fame how to make coffee!

Don Altizo

Don Altizo is 4 times UK Barista Championship finalist, 2 times UK Latte Art finalist and 3rd UK Cup Tasters 2017. As well as being a top UK competitor, he is also a certified trainer for the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), providing international accredited barista skills and brewing courses.

Like Dhan, Don started making coffee over ten years ago for a high street chain. Back then he actually did not like coffee at all and could not understand why anyone would drink it for enjoyment.

It was not until a couple of years later when he joined a catering company that he started to appreciate the skill involved in coffee making. This was due to the educational training provided by the Speciality Coffee of Europe (SCAE) now known as the SCA

Don started competing professionally in 2011. Preparing for these events allowed him to perfect his palate so that he could identify specific flavours and tasting notes based on origin, varieties and brewing methods.
Now working alongside Dhan in the DT Coffee School, Don is able share his vast wealth of experience with people who are as passionate about coffee as he is; and as an authorised SCA Trainer, he is able to deliver international certified coffee training to better their skills and knowledge. 


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